Welcome to Scarborough Retired Fire Fighters

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Welcome to Scarborough Retired Fire Fighters formerly ScarboroughFireFighters.org. While the name on the home page is different you still reach us at www.scarboroughfirefighters.org.

The revamp of this site has been sometime in the making and should work better on all devices than the previous one did.

As you can see the home page looks a bit different. There is a top bar above the logo with a reference to scaboroughfirefighters.org on the left and Facebook link etc. on the right. There’s a menu just below the logo. Its pretty standard so I won’t go into it.

As you scroll down the page you will come upon ‘Recent News’, four of the most recent news (posts) are displayed here. Below them is a ‘SEE MORE’ button which will take you to all the news (posts). The other way to all the news is via the ‘News’ button in the upper menu.

As you continue to scroll down you will come upon some pictures then a counter bar. The counter bar displays the number of retired members, those still active (aka hard at work!) and the total number of SFDers from 1926 until Amalgamation in 1998.

Further down you will come to Features. Here you will find an assortment of things from the old site such as Apparatus Pictures; Grievances; SFD and 626 Histories; and LODDs. Should something arise it can be added here or just by posting it and making available in the News section.

When you get off the main page and onto a ‘News page’ (like now) you will notice there’s a SideBar. Note both the News/post page and the sidebar scroll separately. So if you hover over the sidebar you will be able to scroll it up and down. Note – there is no sidebar on the Feature pages.

SEARCH – at the very top of the Side Bar is a search bar. You can use this to try and search for what you are looking for. Keep in mind its only as good as the search criteria you type in.

Below the search option, the sidebar will show the ten recent news (posts). If you scroll the sidebar down you will see Categories – every post is categorized and can be searched. Next after that, you will come upon the Archive list – clicking on the items in these lists will display their content.

The last thing on the Sidebar is a Calendar – here you will see the date posts were published to the site. Clicking on the date will or should open all the posts for that day.

That should give you the gist of it. I hope that with time you find the site easy to navigate. I have not put all the old posts on the new site but will keep them on file just because.

I hope you enjoy it.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Chuck West