Fire Fighter Cancers

McAsphalt Fire

Fire Fighters are exposed to many different toxins during their career resulting in a higher risk of cancer. The list of cancers is long with Pancreatic and Thyroid cancers recently being added. The Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association (OPFFA) continues to gather information on all firefighter’s cancers and illnesses, even those that are not on the list.

It’s always hoped none of our Scarborough brothers or sisters ever finds themselves in such a situation, but please keep in mind there is help to get any entitlements available to you should the unthinkable happen, and as mentioned it is important to document all cancers. To get assistance on all cancers you can reach the TPFFA 3888 WSIB Committee via the following email address –

It is important to note that the committee should be contacted once a diagnosis is confirmed.

Note – you can use the email above to contact them about any job-related illness.

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