SHN Foundation Donation

For your interest – The tradition of supporting Scarborough Hospitals continues…

Friday, January 13, 2023

Hello Everyone,
Below is the donation letter sent to the SHN Foundation on our behalf.

  Scarborough Health Network Foundation,
  303 #314 Lawrence Ave East
  Scarborough, On. 

  Dear Sir or Madam,

   Enclosed is a donation from our Scarborough Fire Fighters Retirees Club.
   Scarborough Fire Fighters have always had a very close relationship with
   all Scarborough Hospitals going back to the early sixties in both supportive
   and professional roles. Whether it was Santa's visits at Christmas or fund
   raising for the burn unit with our Haunted House during the eighties. We'd 
   like to make the donation in the name of recently deceased Captain Norm 
   Sinclair who was closely involved with the fund raising of the latter. 
   Even though it's been 25 years since amalgamation our retiree group is 
   still going strong but thinning out. Many of us have had medical treatment 
   and care in one of your hospitals.
   In closing please accept our donation of $500 to assist in these difficult times.


   John Vonk 
   Scarborough Retired Fire Fighters Club President  
   Roy Fletcher  Vice President
   Gorb MacBride  Treasurer