SFFHL History Search

Hey 626ers, we don’t want to forget the past of our amazing league. Many people have worked hard to keep the SFFHL going every year. John Haywood is one of them and he wants to write the history of the league and put it on the SFFHL website. He needs your help to do that. You can email him if you have any information or stories to share. Or you can tell someone who might know more about it.

Below is John’s message asking for assistance in making this happen. If you can help you can reach him through the email below.


Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2024


John Haywood john.haywood@rogers.com

I currently run the SFFHL and was wondering if anyone knows the year it started. I understand that Roy Fletcher started the league. I’d like to add a history page to the website.

I’d appreciate any info anyone can add to the history of the league. History of who has run it. I’m aware of  Jim McIntosh, Scott Harrison, and Ivor Walker running it before me.

Pictures….anything would be helpful.