Latest Update – Re: Bev Green

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Final Final Update!

Bev Green’s moving… (Update June 8, 2021)

   Once more I want to thank all those who contributed to Bev”s moving expenses. A special thanks to John Vonk because without him none of this would have been possible. He is the glue that still keeps us all in touch. Just sent a check to Bev for $900.00 that was for donations that were sent after the fact. The total was $6175.00. An amazing amount that will allow Bev to pay for her moving expense and also her storage fees until she can get her life back on track. Again thank you all.

Thankfully all  John Barker

Final Update

Hello Everyone, Here is the final tally of funds raised for Bev Green. John Barker wishes to once again thank everyone for their generous donations and please don’t send any more funds.
John V

From John Barker,

Again I want to thanks all that contributed to Bev’s moving expenses. This was the amount that had been contributed and I sent a money order to her. Then 2 days later I get a total of $700. dollars more in cheques. I’m sure Bev can use the extra to cover her storage fees and she is totally overwhelmed. Again I say this was so much more than was asked for and some have said so what Bev can use it. I didn’t start this to raise a pile of money just something to help her out. Please don’t send any more money. This is so much more than I had envisioned and again I thank all those that have contributed. (Total Raised – $5,375.00)

John Barker

May 15th

Hello Everyone, 

Our fundraising goal for Bev Green has been achieved. John Barker called to say that the aim was to cover Bev’s move and furniture storage fees have been met with $3425 donations received today. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the fundraising, certainly done in the Scarbrough Fire Fighter spirit. Below is John’s email. John will send a further update on where the funds went.

Once again, thank you. Stay safe.

John V.

From John Barker — Just to let y’all know I have reached the amount that I thought would help pay for Bev’s move. To say I was surprised by the quick response was, to say the least. I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised because we had a group of great guys always willing to help. Bev was completely shocked and was somewhat overwhelmed by the assistance. Again I want to thank all and whatever money comes in after will go towards paying storage fees until she is able to plan her future.

Again I thank you all for your kindness. When this is done I will send out something telling the end total plus how the funds were used. 

Original post… (May 13, 2021)

We received the following email from John Barker re: Bev Green’s moving since Ray passed away. She is short on funds to move so John has stepped up to assist her in this. Read John’s email below and see if you can help a FireFighter’s widow.

“I’m sure most of you know about Ray’s passing from Covid complications in January. Ray’s home was in Arizona but had to come back for 6 months every year. Now his wife Bev has come back and has to move in late July from the place they rented. She is going to live with her sister in Leamington which is near Windsor and wants to put her things in storage until she can decide what the future holds for her.

Unfortunately for Bev, they didn’t have a great deal of money. Once upon a time, fellow firefighters could have chipped in to help with the move but due to the fact of Covid that has become a bad idea plus the fact that a lot of us are long on the tooth and likely to injure ourselves. Therefore I am asking for anyone that can assist by sending money instead so Bev can have movers do this. The cost of the move will be somewhere around $3000-3500.00  

If anyone could assist in this endeavor it would be greatly appreciated.  If you are interested please E Transfer funds to me or send a check.  Whatever you can send would be great. I will send out a notice through John Vonk every couple of weeks showing a bank statement with the amount that we have accumulated. Stay safe all and hopefully next year we can resume the T.K. golf tournament as he and Ray would have wanted.  If you have any questions please call me.” 

John Barker – 905 960-7957
 706 Leslie Valley Drive,  Newmarket  L3Y 7J2