Mike Ogle Retirement

Hello Everyone,

Well, Mike is finally taking the plunge for retirement. Pat Hayter (of Toronto Fire) is organizing a drive-by celebration. The date is Saturday, March 20th forming up at 12:30 pm. The Location is Tilley Drive and Wichey Road.  (at Port Union Rd & Lawson Road West Hill). (Mike’s house is 8 Tilley Drive.) I’ve attached Mitch’s note if you’d like to join us.

John V

“Pat Hayter(Toronto Fire) is organizing a drive-by retirement celebration for Mike Ogle. The drive-by will be going past Mike’s house in West Hill. Just wondering if you’re able to send a message out to the retirees for anyone who would like to join in.
Date: Saturday, March 20/21
Location: Forming up at Tilley Dr. and Wichey Rd.                 
Time: 12:30 pm