A Year End Review?

Due to Covid-19, last March many of us enjoying our favourite winter destinations had our stays cut short. We had to come home and when we got there we had to quarantine, cities and towns were locked down, life was much different than we had left it. You all know how the rest of the story goes, so there’s no reason to rehash it here. With less than 10 days until Christmas and the end of 2020 quickly approaching one can only hope the forthcoming vaccines will in fact change the course of the virus so we can all get back to some sort of the normalcy (we once knew) some time in 2021.

There are approximately 160 SFDers who are still hard at work helping the residents of Toronto. Of those about half have thirty years or more of service.

This past year saw the following retirements (our apologies if we missed anyone) –>

Jim Lanigan; Mark Orrett; Doug Wright; Kevin McLaughlin; Mark Foley; Matt Warden; Paul Henderson; Morgan Dixon; Gord Aikens; Jackie Preston; Jim Edgerton; Mike Innes; and Dave Montgomery. Once again congrats and best wishes in your retirement.

As 2020 draws to a close, here’s to a much better 2021. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah… Happy Holidays everyone. Best wishes for a bright, healthy and prosperous New Year!

In Memoriam

Retired Members

Bill Hawkins, February 11, 2020 – 78 years old

Doug Stapleton, February 17, 2020 – 74 years old

Roy Strother, May 3, 2020 – 79 years old

Bill Pennock, June 11, 2020 – 87 years old

Gene Dionne, June 20, 2020 – 69 years old

Alfred G. Smith, July 18, 2020 – 92 years old

Frank McPherson, September 26, 2020 – 83 years old

Ed Kennedy, October 3, 2020 – 61 years old

Roy Waterfield, October 14, 2020 – 69 years old

Barry Martin, November 26, 2020 – 81 years old

Hal Lapp, December 9, 2020 – 82 years old

Family Members

 John Hoey, December 7, 2019 – 74 years old

Nancy Johnson, April 2, 2020 – 76 years old

Fred Black, May 10, 2020 – 89 years old

Nancy Forfar, September 25, 2020 – 78 years old

Doug Reid, Oct 15, 2020 – 64 years old

 John Bolton, October 28, 2020 – 89 years old