April Newsletter

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Mar 29/20

Hello Everyone,

Well it’s hard to believe that only 17 days ago we held our last Retiree Lunch at the Harp & Crown Pub.

Amazing how fast a lethal virus can shut things down. If you’re like me I’ve been staying in since then with a few exceptions

(pharmacy & groceries). Everyday is becoming  more anxious than the last with the spread of the covid19 virus.

Here are some of the cancellations for various FD functions that were scheduled.Retirement functions for –

  • Doug Wright on Wednesday  April 8th at the Harp & Crown Pub
  • Mark Orrett & Jim Lanigan on Thursday April 16th at the Harp & Crown Pub
  • Jeff David on Friday April 17th at the RCL Br. 11  Dawes Rd.
  • SFF Retirees Lunches: Thursday April 9th at the Harp & Crown Pub
  • Ladies Lunch Thursday May 14th at the Mandarin Restaurant
  • First Port Perry Lunch Thursday June 4th. at the Pub  on Water Street.
  • TFS 2020 Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial Sunday May 31st. at Harbour front.S
  • SFF Golf Tournament Friday Jun12 Port Perry???????
  • Doors Open May 23rd and 24th SFD Old Hall 1 Museum.

I’ll update any changes as time goes by.

Hopefully we can resume lunches by September.

I was going to post some stats on the Covid 19 Pandemic but it’s just evolving too fast.

Going stir crazy????

Here’s some things you can do: Take up a hobby; Clean out that  garage; 

Spring clean your house (yuk, sounds too much like work.).

I still have over 1000 model kits to assemble; 100 years of National Geographic magazines to read; 4 years of vacation trip photos review: a basement to clean out; old SFD stat lists to update; and a gazillion other things that I’ve put off for the last 40 years (I’m a great procrastinator).

I fear the worst is yet to come but stay strong, be safe, stay distant and we’ll all get through this.Stay connected with your family, friends and old co-workers.

If you need any contact information for someone email me and I’ll forward it to that individual.

On a good note our planet is getting a break global air pollution, Europe is reporting the best air quality in years.

I’d like to do a little SFD photo quiz and see if you can identify the Scarborough Fire Fighter in the picture below. Visit our Facebook page with your answers

I’ll try to send one out daily, in the meantime stay safe, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!!!

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John V