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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Subject: Member Initiatives: GoFundMe

After the sudden loss of her Mom Help Baby Emma
Josh Arnett is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Matt Dunn.


“We are heartbroken to share the devastating news of the unexpected loss of Meghan Dunn, a loving wife and mother, leaving behind her husband Matt, a dedicated firefighter, and their 11-month-old daughter, Emma. In the face of this unimaginable loss, we are rallying together to ensure that little Emma’s future is filled with love, support, and opportunities. We need your help to provide her with the foundation she deserves.

Matt now finds himself in the challenging role of being a single parent. Emma, a bright-eyed 11-month-old, lost her mother far too soon and needs our collective support. We want to give Emma every chance to thrive, achieve her dreams, and have a successful future.

Our goal is to raise funds to provide Baby Emma with the resources she’ll need as she grows up. We want to focus on safeguarding her future, ensuring she has access to a quality education, and maintaining a secure and nurturing environment.”

In Solidarity,

Local 3888