2021 – A Look Back

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As we slide into 2022, the spread of the Omicron variant is certainly trying to push things backward. The Ford government is looking to change how case numbers are reported and for some recommending dose number four. Who’s already trying to book the fourth dose for three months from now? But really looking back we have a lot to be thankful for in 2021. Trudeau was kind enough to implement his version of saving the planet by pushing through his ‘carbon tax’ while gas and oil prices were very low and therefore the almost 10 cent hike at the pump and associated cost increases on just about everything else have barely been noticed – how great was that! And Big Business well let’s not get started with them.

Seriously though the biggest thing for 2021 was probably that restrictions were lowered enough that we were able to gather together more and judging from social media many of us took time to be with family. And we all know first and foremost there’s nothing better than time with our kids and grandkids.

This past year saw a number of new retires from the TFS, once again we welcome the following to the ‘R’ shift –

Mike Feldstaff #589; William Lambert #646; John Doorleyers #724; Enn Valk #746; Ryan Fairlie #619; Kevin McLauchlin #782; David Rumble #783; Ilmar Lepik #662; David Wilson #714; Brad Oates #765; Lee Brown# 812; Brad Brown #643; Rob Bell #752; Dan Hanson # 780: Paul Atkinson; #751 Seonaid Lennox #836; Jackie Preston #720 and Gord Aikens #532.

A look back at those who were promoted with the TFS in 2021.

Promoted to TFS Captain – John Zancanaro #805; Daniel O’Reilly #713; Mike Woods #845; Mike Cairns #841; John Pagnotta #843; David Cossitt #842; Jeffery Schmidt #844 Semajh Bujokas #848; Stephen Morris #854; Sean Curran # 849; Rob Hygh #850 William (Bill) Jesty #852; Fergus O’Halloran #855; and Stephen Wyzynski #857.

Promoted to TFS District Chief – Roland Kuijpers #694; John Maclachlan #703; Darren Van de Walker #659 and Rob Gutray #795.

As we usher out 2021 we take a moment to remember those members, family, and friends who we lost this past year.

Here’s to a much better 2022. Best wishes for a bright, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Our sincerest condolences to all the families and friends.

Ray Green#279
Ron Merriman#159
Ray Cook#230
Robert (Bob) Wilson#222
John Lang#154
Ron Wreatham#530
Allan Snelling#094
Ruth Leufkens, mother of Bernie and Mike Leufkens
Hugh Edmunds, father of Brent Edmunds
Markus Manwaring, son of Gerry and Sheryl Manwaring
Marg Tyrell, wife of Ernie Tyrell
Carol Elizabeth Fiset, sister of Paul Fiset
Barbara Barnes, mother of Gord Barnes
Wayne Barnes, brother of Gord Barnes
Jeff Barnes, nephew of Gord Barnes
Margaret Love, mother of Paul Love
Alice Laura Summer, mother of Linda Summer
Don Christensen, step son of John and Anita Zancanaro
Ross Stanley Bedford, father of Kim Bedford

“Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved still missed and very dear”.
– unknown

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