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Should Canadians travel…

With the fall season upon us and winter approaching many are thinking “should I” should I look for a destination that may be safe to visit given COVID 19 and all.

For example, if you vacation every winter in the United States, there are many consideration to this thought. First the Canadian U.S. board remains closed to non essential travel and was recently extended through October 21, 2020. Also at this time there is no exemption available for Canadians who own property in the U.S. to drive across the border. 

You can however still fly, which brings a host of other consideration like will you need your car? And with many airlines reducing the number of flights, could getting home be more difficult?

If you are thinking of traveling during these difficult times don’t take anything for granted, do your home work before you put out any money. The link below will take you to and provides some insight for anyone considering to travel this winter.

Stay safe, choose wisely!