Falcon Inn Fire – 1943

Fire Marshal’s Report Re: – Falcon Inn Fire of September 25, 1943 To the Hon. L.E. Blackwell, K.C., M.P.P. Attorney General for Ontario Re: Falcon Inn Fire – Scarborough Township In accordance with your instructions and at the request of the Township Council of Scarborough by resolution dated October 13, 1943, following a letter …

In Memoriam

February 2, 2010 John LaLonde Director of Fire Prevention #102 February 5, 2005 William Smith Fire Fighter #397 February 6, 2001 Jeff Spencer Acting Captain #525 February 11, 2020 William (Bill) Hawkins District Chief #264 February 24, 2014 Neil Harrison Captain #494 March 2, 2015 William (Bill) Crawford Fire Fighter …

SFD History

Scarborough Fire Department History Scarborough is the area which now forms the eastern part of the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was a separate city for over 200 years but has been part of the ‘East District’ of Toronto since 1998. THE BEGINNING Pioneers of early Scarborough (population 3,821) realized …

SPFFA History

SPFFA 50 year certificate

IAFF – LOCAL 626 MAY 8, 1939 to OCTOBER 31, 1998 On May 8 1939, the township of Scarborough’s 7 full time fire fighters, Thomas Love, George Collins, William Crates, Gordon Ranson, James Bernard, Fredrick Rate and John Wormington were granted a Charter under the International Association of Fire Fighters, and …

Assortment of Photos


An assortment of photographs from years past. (Please hover over a picture and click on the plus sign to start the viewer)     © SCARBOROUGHFIREFIGHTERS.ORG | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SFD Apparatus

From one of the first Gotfredson Pumpers, the Snorkel, to the E-ONE Aerial and Pumper. Here’s an assortment of different front line apparatus from an era gone by. Hover over any picture, then click on the plus sign to activate the viewer © SCARBOROUGHFIREFIGHTERS.ORG | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Haunted House

Started in the early 1980s the Scarborough Fire Fighters Haunted House was successful due to the contributions of many volunteers over the years. Originally spearheaded by Craig Chandler, Rob McRiner and others the Haunted House was successful in raising over $100,000.00 during its time. Proceeds from this event were donated …

Overtime Grievance

SPFFA L626_transp

Is it okay to reallocate an employee’s shift instead of paying overtime?

Side Burn Grievance

SPFFA L626_transp

While on its face this grievance was about sideburns, it became so much more and was precedent-setting. “…as long as the employee performs the job or the work for which he has been hired the employer has no authority to impose his personal views of appearance or dress upon the …