Update – Cancers in Fire Fighters

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November 3, 2022

Update – The Retired Toronto Fire Fighters General Meeting was held today and we heard from Bob Burland. Bob is on the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters WSIB (Disability Management) Committee and also sits on the OPFFA WSIB committee. Today he discussed job-related cancers and how the list of presumptive cancer is evolving. He spoke on how it’s important to document all cancers.

This is a topic none of us likes to discuss, and it’s always hope no one ever finds themselves in such a situation, but please keep in mind there is help to get any entitlements available to you should the unthinkable happen.

TPFFA 3888 has a new email address so retirees can connect with the WSIB committee should the need arise. That email address is – wsibretired@torontoprofessionalfirefighters.org.

It is important to note that the committee should be contacted once a diagnosis is confirmed.

Note – you can use this email to contact them about any job-related illness

October 29th, 2022

Yesterday Brother Norm Sinclair’s LODD funeral was well attended and many memories of Norm were shared. During the course of the day, it became apparent that many may not be aware of just what cancers are recognized as job-related for firefighters and/or where to find the information.

As a reminder links to information on these cancers and possible other entitlements for Job-related illness are available under the RESOURCE tab of this website. Also, remember that the Toronto Fire Fighters Association is always there to assist you in any way whether it is on this topic or benefits, etc. (mail@torontofirefighters.org or 416-466-1167)

If you’re not already, please take the time to make yourself (and maybe your family) aware of just which cancers can be prevalent in firefighters.

Take care – stay well.

Job-Related Illness | Scarborough Retired Fire Fighters (scarboroughfirefighters.org)