Auto Insurance Discount?

This crazy Covid-19 thing has us all driving a lot less than we normally would as we stay home and isolate as much as possible. Some time ago there was talk about the Insurance industry giving customers a discount because of this. A friend recently advised me he is getting a three month discount from his Insurance company, but he had to contact them.

Below is a link to an article I found online. It appears many companies are ready to give some relief on premiums. As you read the article you will find a number of companies and their plans for discounts.

For example – “Aviva is offering a new Stay Home endorsement which can reduce auto premiums by up to 75% for those who have stopped driving entirely. It’s one of a series of new relief options set out by the carrier, in addition to previously-announced measures. For those customers who have to drive during the pandemic — but still less than before — could receive savings of up to 15%. Aviva recommends brokers speak with clients to discuss what savings would be available.

“Canada’s property and casualty insurance companies have answered the call from brokers and customers for stepped-up relief measures to help cope with the financial impact of COVID-19.”