Atkinson and Grieve

You know how some things just make you go Hmmm.

Many of us are aware of the legal proceedings between Paul Atkinson, Colin Grieve and the OPFFA. In December 2019 Atkinson and Grieve were successful in the Criminal case against them. Supposedly a civil case is ongoing and hopefully they will prevail there as well.

Recently, I was made aware of the website They have made it their goal to push any and all material they can in defense of the two and if they believe that strongly then good for them.

Now it does seem something might not pass the smell test at the OPFFA. But, unfortunately, for me the site reads more like a dislike of unions than a defense for the two. Which begs the question – how does that help the two?

So are you curious? I suspect so and many who read this will flock to see what has been posted there, I mean why not.

Just keep in mind while there is some interesting material that just might make you go hmmm. There is also quite a bit of, let say rumour and inuendo on that site as well. They claim that everything on the site can be validated yet they leave that work up to you – why?

They’ve posted a screen grab from which is proof of nothing and without permission, why? – which if they see this, please remove it.

If you have any questions of the creators of the website, good luck as I could not find any way to contact them – why are they hiding.

The last thing we want is to hinder the two. So, should you visit and find some of what is posted there interesting, just ask yourself is it fact, or fiction or may be just good old fashion fire hall rumour/rant before you decide to share it far and wide over the world wide web!

In the mean time one can only hope the lawyers will do right by Paul and Colin with a successful outcome.

p.s. If this kind of stuff interests you then may as well – apparently things at the IAFF may not be well these days – at least there is a face and name there!