Scarborough Fire Fighters Haunted House 

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Started in the early 1980's the Scarborough Fire Fighters Haunted House was successful due to the contributions of many volunteers over the years. Originally spear headed by Craig Chandler, Rob McRiner and others the Haunted House was sucessful in raising over $100,000.00 during its time. Proceeds from this event were donated to the Scarborough General Hospital Burn Unit. To this day the Scarborough Fire Fighters are recognized for their efforts and are named on a plaque of contributors, which adorns the wall of the hospital for all to see.


Freddy and the Freaks - a rendition of Time Warp  

Ghost Busters -
B. Powers, B. Lewis,
R. McRiner,
C. Chandler

      Bob Greirson  
Brian Forgarty