Assortment of Miscellaneous Photos 

      Gary Kirton  
Earl Clulow - 1956
#254 - Barry Papaleo,
#338 - Alan Jackson

Earl Clulow

Pump 5 Pump 5 Scarborough Firefighters Retirees Club
Scat and Pump 8 at Hall 8 in 1988

Special Thanks to Perry Jeisel for passing the next few pics along

Back of Scat and Pump 8  Paul McCharles, Perry Jeisel, Carlos Gonzalez, John Davey, Jim Kirby,Tom Everist, Tom Sabino  (left to right)
                    The Sparky dog with shades on is Paul Kennedy, the broom stick Captain is Bob Stimson, and the hairy mop is John Hill (absent, but still there)
Spare Reserve Pump 14    (maybe 1989) at Hall 8  with Captain Bob Stimson, A/C Tom Everist, John Hill,Perry Jeisel, Rob Hewson Support 1
Down by the bluffs,  bluff rescue training with the new P8
Pride of the Fleet in 1992   The new closed cab trucks arrived, no more cold winters.   Car 21 in the background
Perry Jeisel, Tom Everist, Karl Walker, John Hill, John Davidson in 1992 P8,  side shot   New Aerial 3 Quint,   Frank Quast, and ???
Frank Quast driving the parade pumper, and Tony Harris on the side step, Frank Quast with the old Parade Pumper   ( on University Ave. staging for parade down University.) Hall 14  Fuel pumps ( Every hall had fuel, what a novel idea ) District Chief  Ray Cook, Acting Captain Ken Morrison, Bryce McDonald,  Bruce Thompson Bryce McDonald
Pumper 14 Bruce Thompson Ken Morrison, Bryce McDonald, Bruce Thompson, Perry Jeisel Bruce Thompson Ken Morrison