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Terraview Blvd Fire - 1954

These pictures were received from John Novakis compliments Jim Park. They are of a fire in the Pharmacy & 401 area back in 1954.

McAsphalt Fire - 1970 ??

This facility turned the solid asphalt which can be seen piled in front long building and turned it into liquid asphalt and stored in the large tanks. Upon completion of this incident just about all the hose, turnout gear and many pieces of equipment used had to replaced as it was covered in tar.

Wexford Presbyterian Church - Oct 31 1981 - 7 Elinor Ave

 Lumberking - Kingston Rd. & Celeste Dr. (by Guildwood GO Station)
May 23, 1984

Lumberking 1 LumberKing 2 Lumberking 3 Lumberking 4
  Lumberking 5

P. Bolton,
Capt. G. Allen,
D/C  E. Ford


26 Homes Destroyed - June/1986

Fire in the Brimley Road and Steeles Ave. area destroyed 26 homes under construction in June of 1986.
This was one of a number of fire in North Scarborough and Markham.
In these pictures you can see Snorkel 10 doing what it was designed for.

105 Homes destroyed - 1987

Scarborough and Markham fire fighters joined forces to battle this blaze that broke out on the morning of Tuesday, May 12, 1987.
Located at Steeles Ave. and McCowan Rd. the fire destroyed 105 new homes and caused $21 million in damages.
Eight vehicles and 34 firefighters assisted Markham fire in this battle.

A single cigarette butt may have started this fire that leveled 105 houses in this new subdivision construction site in Markham.

105 homes 2 105 homes..
  105 homes

A single cigarette butt may have started a fire that leveled 105 houses in this new subdivision construction site in Markham in 1987.

The Ziner Lumber Fire - 1988

Ziner lumber was located just South of Steeles Ave. and west of Midland Ave. Over a period of 5 days and nights 25 department vehicles,
159 firefighters and a total of 1,479 man- hours were required to extinguish the Ziner Lumber fire which started on June 17, 1988.
Damages were estimated at  8 Million Dollars. At one point the fire seemed to create its own weather when a tornado spout was observed
the result of huge amounts of water being used turning to steam. Thermal columns could be seen lifting sheets of plywood and metal into the sky.