Scarborough Fire Fighters Retirees -
T.K. Classic Golf Tourney

Its time to mark your calendars and gather your foursomes. The date is Friday, June 14th, 2019 the location is the same - Sunnybrae Golf Club, 1430 king St., Port Perry.

Registration is at 11:00am with Tee times from 11:30am. Cost is $70.00 per person - includes 18 holes of golf, w/power cart and chicken and rib dinner (Dinner only is $25.00).
**There will be a brief memorial prior to dinner**

All are welcome - for more information and to book your spot contact Ray Green @ 905.985.5031 or John Barker @ 905.853.7293.

Apr 8/19

Al Waterson Retirement Breakfast


Friday April 19th 2019 7am after D shift.


Location: Station 223, 116 Dorset Rd


$20 ticket includes Peameal and Bacon and eggs

Refreshments Gift


Tickets available from

223D, C22D, C23D

Apr 3/19


Congrats go out to Mike Leufkins (Sen #629) on his promotion to TFS District Chief.
When it comes to retirements those seniority numbers are starting to get nearer the end of the seniority list. Congrats and best wishes to Beris Laing (Sen #655) and Keith Jones (Sen #759) on their recent retirement

Feb 22/19

Bill 84 Nostalgia...

Okay dig back in those memory banks, remember BILL 84. Here's a little nostalgia! Nice work Bob...

I hope this works - Turn up your volume!

Feb 11/19

TFFC Society Bonspiel for Camp Bucko

The Toronto Fire Fighters Celtic Society are hosting their annual Bonspiel for Camp Bucko next week (Feb 19th) There's still room for a few more teams. Those interested in participating can contact  Dave Cossitt. Further details can be found by clicking here.

Thank you

Feb 10/19


Is it the frigid January temps that entice retirements, probably not, right. This time round we have 7 who have decide to make the move to the every day's a lieu day life style. Congrats and best wishes for a great retirement go out to - Gord Snelling (#612), Ivor Walker (#614), Rob Carey (#652), Mark Ashcroft (#663), Dean Weare (#664), Russ Aitchison (#705), and Brian Staal (#775) 

Enjoy your next chapter...

Feb 10/19


Congrats go out Pat Egan (#618) on his promotion to TFS District Chief, and Derek Clausen (#789) Paul Rooney (#803) on their promotion to TFS Captain.

Dec 31/18

2018 Thank You

As we close out 2018 I'd just like to take a moment to thank John Vonk, Roy Fletcher and the Retirees Executive as well as Gary Roncetti for the work they do in keeping us informed and arranging the monthly luncheons. This past year saw the luncheon numbers better than ever, and its hoped they will continue to grow in the new year.
We also need to thank Ray Green and John Barker for the work they do in putting together the Spring and Fall Golf Tournaments, they too were filled to capacity this past year. The camaraderie and old war stories cant be beat!!
Unfortunately, 2108 saw us losing 22 of our Scarborough family, our condolences to those who lost a loved ones this past year.

 In closing, may the New Year bring joy, peace, and happiness to our SFD family and friends - comradery is good for the soul, so if ya got the time come on out !


Scott Daly Remembrance

The following invite has been extended from Randy Smith (TFS)...
We wanted to make sure that Scott Daly's Scarborough FD friends are aware that we (the boys from 231, B Platoon) are having a get-together at Bittmore's in Courtice. This coming Monday at 7:30 PM. Feel free to spread the word. Please email if you're coming, so we can reserve more space if needed. Thanks

Facebook posting
Bitmoore Tap and Grill
Bitmoore Tap and Grill location

Dec 14/18

Stone Cottage Inn Christmas

A gathering is brewing, Mitch Brown is wanting to get the word out for the brothers and sister to gather at The Stone Cottage Inn (Kingston Rd & Scarborough Golf Club Rd) on Tuesday December 18th @ 4pm to share some Christmas cheer. Please spread the word to those who maybe interested -  Merry Christmas.

Nov 18/18

TPFFA Presidents Message

Whether retired or still hard at it... I know we all like to follow anything that may or may not impact ourselves or our brother and sister firefighters. Of all the information I have seen on the recent changes to the OMERS plan I believe the following from Local 3888 President Frank Ramagnano provides a good understanding of those changes. Frank also speaks to the Ontario Governments fall economic statement and the possible impact to fire fighters. I'd like to thank Frank for sharing this information with us.

President’s Message: OMERS Plan Changes and Ontario Government’s Fall Economic Statement

OMERS Changes:

After an extensive Comprehensive Plan Review, the OMERS SC Board voted on November 15, 2018 on the proposed six Plan changes:

The OMERS SC Board is mandated with the responsibility for ensuring the long-term sustainability for the pensions of retirees today, and our members in the future. I commend the efforts to conduct this extensive review over the past year and appreciate the Board’s efforts to consult with all stakeholders and to consider the input in the decisions that were made.

As the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters representative on the board, I think it is only fair to state where I landed on each issue:

I supported the Removal of 35 year service cap, ability for paramedics to negotiate NRA 60 and mandatory Enrollment of non Full-Time members.

I did not support enhanced CPP plan integration, reduction of early retirement subsidies. The plan does not need to reduce benefits and these two items would do exactly that.

I also did not vote for the current configured conditional indexing. I believe that a third lever is needed for risk management of the plan, considering our declining active to retiree ratio, and indexing is the only legal item you can fund but not invoke. I voted against it, as technically, I was not convinced that it would function as I envisioned it would and I wanted it tied to our funding management system contribution caps.

Our Local has taken a lead in meeting with the other major unions of the OMERS plan. We met on four occasions at our office to discuss these issues and I look forward to continuing to work with our fellow unions.

I congratulate the paramedics of Ontario in achieving their long-term goal of having the ability to negotiate NRA 60 with their employer. As the co-chair of the OMERS SC board representing employees, I am proud of our efforts over the last several months in discussing this item with our employer counterparts and securing their approval.

The removal of the 35 year service cap has been a long studied and discussed item in the Fire Service. I have been involved with this item for the past 10 years. I was pleased that the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters, through convention action, gave me the permission to discuss the removal. We believe this will help with the education of our members on when it is the most appropriate time for them to retire. It also makes those members who choose to stay past 35 years of service, continue to pay into the pension plan. Currently, members stop paying into the plan at 35 years, but their best 5 years continues to improve regardless of the fact that they do not contribute to the plan. How OMERS transitions to this new ability needs to be worked out and will be communicated when that is done. This change will not be able to take place for several years and 2021 would look like the earliest it could be invoked.

I would like to thank our members and all Ontario fire fighters who did not get caught up in some of the campaigns that other unions launched. I have worked with the OPFFA executive board throughout this past year and that is how the OMERS SC structure was setup. Each of the major plan member unions have representatives on the OMERS SC that make the decisions and I believe unions should work through their individual representatives. It was clear that representatives of unions that were not involved in trying to sway votes had creditability at the OMERS SC table and their voices were heard.

I encourage the SC Board to continue their work to ensure the OMERS Plan remains sustainable and meaningful for its members.

OMERS Comprehensive Plan Review - Letter to Members

Ontario Government released its Fall Economic Statement

November 15, 2018, the Ontario Government released its Fall Economic Statement. Contained in the statement are two items of interest with regard to local labour relations.

First, the government intends to introduce legislation to “enable municipalities to employ full‐time firefighters who volunteer (part time) in other communities (‘double‐hatters’).”  It would be the intent of the government to make it illegal for fire associations to have constitutional rules on how it governs its own members.

Second, the Ford Government intends to modify the arbitration process with a move to a single arbitrator who must consider what the municipality has given other worker groups. It is difficult to know what this change will do to Fire collective bargaining at this point. We know that the Association of Municipalities of Ontario were lobbying the current government for these changes. Having an arbitration board has served us well, as many of the issues are technical in nature and by having a panel, they help the arbitrator in fully understanding an issue before decisions are made.

We are disappointed that the government did not partake in meaningful consultation with all stakeholders, as other governments have done in the past. It makes it difficult to know their intent, based on the paragraph in the Economic Statement. We will continue to work with all Ontario fire fighters in fighting to ensure that our arbitration process is as fair and open to both parties.

We will keep you informed as this issue evolves.

 In Solidarity,


Nov 16/18

OMERS Comprehensive Review

As you may be aware OMERS routinely conducts a comprehensive review to insure the plan is sustainable. The recent review had a number of items being taken into consideration. While the changes don't necessarily affect one who is already retired, interested individuals can follow this link to OMERS and the changes decided on.

Nov 3/18


Congratulations to the following on their promotions,

Bernie Leufkens, Bryce McDonald, and John Noble - District Chief
Kevin Ashfield, Brent Edmunds, Rob Gutray and Ron Ireland - Captain Tony Cardinale and Blair Smith - Acting Captain

Enjoy this next step of your journey!!

Oct 26/18 


We hope everyone is enjoying the lovely fall weather!! Knowing how hectic life can be, especially in retirement, we thought we'd pass on just a couple quick reminders of some up coming dates - November 1st is the retirement get together for  Randy Obie, Steve Duffield, and Bruce Russell - 2:30 @ The Harp & Crown ($10.00 at the door). Also of note is that we're back into winter luncheon mode however, there will NOT be a luncheon in November. We look forward to seeing everyone on December 13th (second Thursday) at the Harp & Crown in Pickering (Altona & Kingston Rd) at the usual time. And if you're into art (or not) Tyler Briley's exhibit starts October 27th. see the post below for details!!
Lastly, October 31st marks the day 20 years ago that Local 626 locked the office door for good and an era ended!!!

Oct 20/18

Tyler Briley Art Exhibit

Tyler started with the SFD in July of 1981 (Sen #551) and was active until an injury saw him off on LTD never to return to the fire service. Recovery was long and tough, but he eventually was able to return to his love of art.
An exhibition of Tyler's work will be held at the Kent Farndale Gallery, 231 Water Street, Port Perry (Part of the Library in town). Opening day is Saturday, October 27, 2018 with a reception which starts at 2:00pm - come out and meet the artist. The exhibit will run until November 23rd.

  Kent Farndale Gallery       Tyler Briley Sculpture

Oct 10/18

Retirement - Randy Obie, Steve Duffield, Bruce Russell

Mark your calendars to get a deal on this three for the price of one. A get together to wish them well is planned for November 1, 2018. The location is The Harp & Crown, at 300 Kingston Rd. (Kingston & Altona) Pickering. Time 2:00pm till ??? Tickets are $10.00 and available from 242 B, 215 B, Car 24 B or at the door.

Oct 8/18

 Atkinson/Grieve Lawsuit

By now everyone's probably aware of this lawsuit. The O.P.F.F.A claims that millions have been misappropriated. Currently, they are in pre-trial to see if there is enough evidence to justify a trial. The following link is from the website BURNING SHENANIGANS re: the Atkinson/Grieve civil lawsuit by the OPFFA. It will take you to some interesting reading from pre-trial witnesses leading up to the trial.

O.P.F.F.A. spending Tens of thousands...

Its been alleged the OPFFA may go to its members for up to $5,000.00 each if need be. While they have that ability Paul and Colin don't. They are still in need of help for their legal fees. If you wish to support Paul and Colin you can make a donation by following the link.

The Paul Atkinson-Colin Grieve Legal Defense Fund

Sept 16/18

Retirements & Promotions (updated)

Clearly should have waited for the revised TFS llist!!! So, once again we find ourselves sending out congrats to those that are moving to the next phase of this great journey called life. In the retirement category effective July 31st is Alan Heinz (#590), Steve Duffield (#597) Steve Coles (#684) John Novakis (#707) Paul Demy (#734) and Daryl MacLennan (#785). In the promotions category Rob Bell (#752) Greg Davis (#754)
Joe Morache (764)
and Jeff Caswell (#772) are now Captains. Also John Maclachlan (#703) and Darren Van De Walker #(659) are now A/D/Cs. Congrats to all, enjoy this next leg of your life journey!

Sept 12/18

REMINDER - Scarborough Fire Fighters Fall Golf Classic!

The date for the fall golf is September 21, 2018. Once again it will be held at Sunnybrae Golf Course in Port Perry (905-985-2234). Registration is at 11:00am with Tee times starting at 11:30am.
The price is still $65.00 and includes 18 holes of Golf, w/power cart, and dinner (chicken & ribs). If you don't golf and just want to come for dinner and the camaraderie, its $25.00. So mark your calendars and come out for some fun, frustration and gift of the gab!!!
For more info and to register contact Ray Green @ 905-985-5031 OR John Barker @ 905-853-7293

Sept 12/18

Paul Atkinson / Colin Grieve Defense Fund

Many have heard of the situation Paul and Colin have found themselves in. Both these individuals were instrumental in the presumptive legislation protecting fire fighters today. SFDers that know Paul find it hard to believe the allegations of the OPFFA and I'm sure its likewise for those that know Colin.

While some have kept up to date on this issue many just know the rumours. The following are excerpts and a link which will take you to a defense fund campaign which has been initiated to help Paul and Colin. I urge you to follow the link, read the details there and if you see fit help our brothers fight these charges - no amount is too small.

The Paul Atkinson-Colin Grieve Legal Defense Fund

"The two firefighters have devoted over 20 years advocating for WSIB benefits for occupational disease. Starting from the era of no entitlements, the two worked separately in their respective cities to gain benefits on a case-by-case basis. In 2000, Colin and Paul came together and took an independent initiative to advance Occupational Cancers for firefighters. Using the network they built, they were able to build relationships with WSIB Senior Management to create a prevention mandate. This mandate involved creating a poster project and safety video called Mask Up. This initiative was utilized nationwide and continues to be the primary prevention initiative".

"-The Ontario Provincial Firefighters Association (OPFFA) accuses Atkinson and Grieve of misappropriating over 3 million dollars, of what the OPFFA states are theirs. 

Keep in mind that these 3 million dollars would have only come from "obligatory donations" (as the OPFFA oxymoronically termed it) from successful claimants. What the OPPFA fails to state is that only successful claimants that did not pay union dues were required to pay an obligatory donation. That is to say, Union paying members did not have to pay an obligatory donation when they successfully won their claim. Atkinson and Grieve represented hundreds of claimants over the years, which led to over a hundred million dollars in total WSIB payouts. But many of these claimants were Active Living Members, and Deceased Active Members and their Estates. These two groups of claimants were Union dues-paying members, and were not required to make donations. Atkinson and Grieve also represented Living Retired Firefighters, and Deceased Retired Firefighters and their Estates. These individuals were not dues-paying members and were not a part of the OPFFA; therefore, they were encouraged to make a voluntary donation at their discretion."

Aug 17/18

105 Homes - Aerial View

Still smoldering, this aerial view of the 1987 fire shows what amazing work was done by fire fighters from Scarborough and Markham. Clearly through their hard work many many homes under construction were saved! A single cigarette butt may have started this fire that leveled 105 houses . (click pic to enlarge)

105 homes aerial view

Aug 17/18

Canadian Fire Fighters Memorial Ottawa

Once again the Canadian Fire Fighters Memorial will see Scarborough Fire Fighters added to the memorial. To see a complete list and for details on the memorial please click on the pic below.

Canadian Fir Memorial Ottawa
Aug 13/18

Florida Vacation Opportunity

Family has vacationed at this Fort Meyers Beach condo every year for 30 years, only missing out this year for personal health reasons. Amazing opportunity for a bargain vacation at Beach Club One condo - owners are just looking to cover their costs. Please follow this LINK to the poster for all the details.

Aug 3/18

August Luncheon

August 2nd saw many many SFDers take over the patio at The Pub on Water Street in Port Perry. They came from as far away as Port Dover and Florida, it was great to  see Wayne King, John Hill, Gord Barnes, Brian Sangster, Bob McWhinnie and many many others. There wasn't an empty seat to be had so, in true Fire Fighter style ya marked your seat for fear of losing a place to sit! Along with the exceptional weather the drinks and stories flowed, and a good time was had by all. If you missed this one mark your calendars for the first Thursday in September - we hope to see you there.

Randy Obie
Wayne King 

July 19/18

Promotions and Retirements

Congrats go out to Paul Demey (Sen #734) on his promotion to Captain, as well to Randy Obie (542), John Martin (668) and Perry Jeisel (681) on their retirements effective May 31/18.

June 20/18

Chris Burrell Retirement

Its time to celebrate his retirement. A gathering has been planned for Wednesday June 27th. Please see the attached poster for all the details!!

June 11/18

OMERS' Review of Pension Benefits

At the recent Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf Tournament I was approached by a number of retirees with questions regarding the review of OMERs. The following is from MROO and should answer any question you may have on this subject. If you're a member then you most likely have received this information. If you're not a member I would suggest joining as they are a good source of information and work hard for those retired with an OMERs pension. Its $25.00 for a life time membership!

BTW... the golf tournament was enjoyed buy what was possibly a record turnout! It was a wonderful day of golf, camaraderie and food. Its proof you dont need prizes to make it a great day. Dates for the September round will be posted when they are available. Thanks goes out to Ray Green and John Barker for putting it together. 




The governing body of OMERS is the OMERS Sponsors Corporation, that makes decisions about OMERS's pension benefits, OMERS's contribution rates, and the long-term planning for OMERS' incoming and outgoing funding requirements.  The OMERS Sponsors Corporation Board (SC) has an equal number of employer representatives and employee representatives (including one retiree representative, Paul Bailey).


For several months now, the OMERS SC has been examining long-term trends that will affect our pension plan and mulling over possible changes to the future design of the pension plan.


MROO members must know these key facts about this process.


1. Today's Retirees would not be affected



I repeat, if the SC decided to change something, it would apply ONLY to OMERS service worked after some future point.  IT WOULD NOT APPLY TO US AS RETIREES.  OUR PENSIONS, including the inflation-indexing guarantee, WOULD CONTINUE UNCHANGED!


2. No decisions have yet been made

As I am writing this, the OMERS SC HAS MADE NO DECISIONS.


We recognize that other large Ontario pension plans (the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan and the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan) removed their guarantee of pension inflation indexing in light of the fierce financial disaster of 2008.  However, since then those boards have adjusted those pensions for inflation on a year-to-year basis.


Complete removal of inflation indexing is not being looked at by OMERS, but removing the guarantee, as the Teachers' Pension Plan has done, is being considered. Be that as it may, the OMERS SC indicates that it has not yet decided what or how much the OMERS Plan needs to change. 


3. The MROO Board and other retiree organizations have been kept informed

Despite the fact that, as retirees, no changes would affect us, OMERS SC representatives have met with our Board and kept us informed.


To this point, here is what MROO has advised the SC:

 4. In the 25 or 50-year horizon, OMERS is legitimately concerned

We do not believe that the OMERS SC is fabricating reasons to assess the long-term sustainability of the current benefits offered by the pension plan.   

In closing let me reiterate, there will be no change to those who are currently in receipt of their OMERS pension; the guaranteed inflation indexing will remain in effect for the life of your pension.

May 13/18

Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf

Mark your calendars, hosted by Ray Green and John Barker this springs Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf Day is scheduled for Friday June 8th. - registration is at 11:00 am with Tee times from 11:30 am.
The dinner menu will be BBQ chicken and ribs.
The address for SunnyBrea Golf Club is 1430 King St. Port Perry (just east of Manchester).
Price for golf and dinner is $65.00, Dinner ONLY is $25.00.

For more information and registration contact numbers please see the attached poster for details.

Hope to see you there.

May 7/18

Promotions & Retirements

Congrats goes out to Brian Sangster (Sen #546) and Bruce Russell (Sen #627) on their recent retirements. The long wait is over for Jim Bredin (Sen #716) as he gets his promotion to Captain effective May 28th. Best wishes to all on this next leg of your journeys.

Apr 24/18

New Home for the Original IAFF 626 Charter

A few months ago Toronto Fire Fighter Local 3888 were hoping to bring the six (pre-amalgamation) IAFF Local Charters together and display them with the 3888 Charter on the wall of their board room. Of the five the only one that was missing was Local 626. Fortunately, after asking around the original 626 Charter was found hiding in plain sight at the museum (old Hall #1). Today the Charter has a new home and is hanging proudly with the L3888 and the other five at the office of the Toronto Fire Fighters Association. Local 3888 were kind enough to have a full size copy of the original made and framed. The copy will be placed in the museum for all to see. Special thanks to John Cousins and John Vonk for making this possible.

626 orig charter_copyrighted


Mar 21/18

Promotions & Retirements

So while two more enter the next phase of their journey another gets his red lid. Congrats go out to Bruce Gilbert (Sen # 756) and Ron Malcom (Sen #608) on their retirements which were effective January 29th. As well we congratulate Rob Crummey (Sen # 698) on his promotion to Captain. Best wishes to all in your future endeavors.

Mar 20/18

Comedy Night for PTSI Awareness

The Toronto Fire Fighters Celtic Society is hosting a Comedy Night at Legion Branch 258 on Lawson Road in Scarborough on April 5th. starting at 7:30 pm. Cost is $20 and proceeds go to Awareness for First Responder PTSI.

See attachment for details.

Mar 20/18

TPFFA - Easter Seals

Brothers and Sisters,

This year, we will be making a donation once again during the Annual Easter Seals Telethon at the CBC building on Front Street. We have secured twenty-two (22) spots for our 3888 brothers and sisters that would like an opportunity to wear their Full Dress Uniform on-the-air during the telethon, while volunteering to answer phones and take donations from the public.

As a Telethon sponsor/presenter The Toronto Professional Firefighters' Association will be participating in the following:

·         1 Cheque Presentation and Interview

·         Middle Telethon Panel (14 seats) and Side Panel (8 seats)

·         2 Corporate Matches

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this online form.  We will be taking twenty-six (26) members, with four (4) being alternates, and try to have you fill in during breaks. This will only take two hours of your time.  At 10:00am, we will meet at the CBC building to receive instructions. We will be on-air between 11:00am and 12:00pm.

Everyone that has participated in past years has enjoyed this event. You may even get the opportunity to meet some celebrities, while answering phones for a very worthwhile charity.

Please consider getting involved, bring a crew mate, or even your whole crew! Applicants will be selected on a first-come first-serve basis, so hurry and get your online registration form filled out, ( builder/emf/tpffa/ 2018EasterSeals) and be seen by your family and friends on-air during the Easter Seals Telethon.


Further details will be forwarded to you once you have been selected.

Thank you in advance for participating.



Gerlando Peritore & James Coones

Co-Chairs, Charity Committee

Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association

I.A.F.F. Local 3888

Cell 647-525-5775 -

Feb 13/17

St. Patrick's Day Parade - Local 3888 Host

This years St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be Sunday March 11, 2018 The following notice from TPFFA Local 3888 advises what to wear and where to meet etc....

Brothers and Sisters,

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be Sunday, March 11, 2018, and we are inviting all uniformed personnel and friends to join us and ‘march’ in March.  All attending Toronto Firefighters are reminded to wear their full dress uniforms.

This will include:
White shirts, black ties, trench coat (if required), and issued headdress.

For all uniformed personnel, we will be providing you with a 2018 TPFFA St. Patrick’s Day pin, these will not be available for sale.

Our event has grown over the years and this year’s parade should be bigger and better, but that can only be possible with your attendance and support.

The Celtic Society will be offering Football scarves and paperboy hats with all proceeds going to charity, as well as proceeds generated from our on site back bacon on a bun BBQ.  The Celtic Society and BBQ will be located behind Box 12 on Harbord St. at St. George St.   Join us on location anytime after 9:30 am behind Box 12.

A shuttle will run from Adelaide Street Station 332 starting at 10:00 am until 11:30 am to the marshaling area near Harbord St. and St. George St. All Firefighters must form up by 11:45 am as the parade starts promptly at 12:00 noon.

At the end of the Parade, there will be a reception for all participating uniformed firefighters at Grace O'Malley's Pub, 14 Duncan St. (Just east of Stn. 332).

Let's try and make this the biggest and best parade ever.

Parking is available in the Adelaide St and John St area at your own expense. There will be NO parking at the Fire Hall.
TPFFA L3888  C & B Chairs
Gerlando Peritore / Chris Sornberger

Jan 17/18

Community Emergency - "A Day In The Life Of A District Chief"

Follow District Chief Norm Morris as he makes his rounds. The date was Dec 19, 1987 - B-2 Shift working days? 
Thanks to Mike Wood for bringing this to our attention.

Jan 12/18

Brett Johnston Retirement

After 36 years Brett is transitioning to retirement. A gathering is schedule for Saturday February 17, 2018. The location is the Stone Cottage Pub, 3750 Kingston Rd. (@ Scarborough Golf Club Rd.) The celebrations get under way at 2:00pm. Tickets are $20.00 | contact Madison at 221C or Bart at 231D platoon (Hall #7).

Jan 7, 2018

Toronto F/F's Celtic Society Fundraiser

Hello Everyone,

Dave Cossitt, President of the Toronto Fire Fighters Celtic Society is doing a fundraiser by selling posters of the Toronto Fire Station Crests.
They are $20 each and will be available at the next luncheon if there is enough interest in them.  Click here to see poster.

John V

Dec 18/17

Christmas Breakout success ...

Allen, Batelann, Blizzard, Craig, Chandler, Kennedy, Papaleo, Wagner, Strong, Strothers, Vonk and many many others could be found at this years annual Christmas breakout. The food twas good, the beverages cold and the reminiscing plentiful. As we filled the Harp & Crown to near capacity, we once again found ourselves enjoying the camaraderie of our 626 colleagues and friends. With Christmas quickly approaching and 2017 coming to an end, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018.

Dec 7/17

TPFFA Loc 3888 Shift Calendar

For those who still like or need to track the shifts of Toronto Fire Fighters, the following link will take you to the full page calendar for the Operations Division.

TPFFA - 2018 full page calendar

Nov 18/17


Seems an update of the original post is in order. Along with Glen Wilson and Ian McTavish; Jack Bouwkamp and Kevin Street have also retired as of the end of October. Congrats and best wishes go out to all of them on their next chapter of this amazing thing called life!.
Also remember to mark your calendars and come out to wish Glen and Ian well. Click the following links for details of their retirement celebrations -- Glen Wilson -- Ian McTavish

Did you know that there's just 239 active SFDers still working towards their retirements.

Nov 17/17

Christmas Breakout Luncheon.

Hey SFDers with 2017 approaching its end, and Christmas season getting underway, its time to mark those calendars and plan to attend the Christmas Breakout Luncheon.
Whether retired or still active this is the perfect opportunity for us to connect. So lets gather together and share some camaraderie; old memories and some new stories. The date for this get together is Thursday, December 14th at the Harp and Crown in Pickering (Altona Rd. & Kingston Rd.). The gathering usually gets started around 11:30 a.m.
Don't forget - mark those calendars and spread the word to make this a memorable one - hope to see you there!!

Oct 16/17


Effective September 29th Dave Montgomery and Gary Muir were promoted to District Chief with Toronto Fire Services. Congrats to both on this milestone in their careers with Toronto Fire.

Oct 13/17

LODD Update

On the first Sunday in October the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the job or from job related illness are added to the Memorial Wall at Queens Park. This year two of our deceased Scarborough Fire Fighters names were added to that Wall. They are Daniel (Dan) Donnelly - Sen #171 and Robert E. Barnes (Ted) - Sen #164.

posted Aug5/17

Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf Classic

Summer seems to really be struggling to take a hold this year. With time ticking away one can only hope the rest of August and September will be really really nice. That would set things up quite nicely for the Scarborough Fire Fighters Fall Golf Classic. Hosted by Ray Green and John Barker the Fall Golf Tournament is set for Friday, September 8th, at SunnyBrae Golf Course in Port Perry. The price is $65.00 per person and includes Golf, Power Cart and Steak Dinner. Note: if you're not a golfer but would like to partake in some comaraderie, dinner can be had for just $25.00. The Location is Sunnybrae Golf Club - 1430 King Street, Port Perry | 905.985.2234 ( Sunnybrae Golf Club ) For more info and to book a foursome contact Ray Green @ 905.985.5031 or John Barker @ 905.853.7293
Mark your calendars and we'll see you there!

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posted July 13/17

Retirements  updated

Two more individual have joined the retirement club. Barry Lowes, Bob Keys and Rob King on their retirements which were effective May 31/17 - Congrats to all, enjoy the next leg of your life journey.

posted June 23/17

July Lunch Reminder

Once again the Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf Tournament (June 16th) was a great success with many retired and active fire fighters enjoying a day of golf, food, beverages and camaraderie. If you missed it put a reminder on your calendars to watch for the September date. A big thank you to Ray Green and John Barker for making it all happen.

In the mean time if your up for some camaraderie the next lunch will be on July 6th (first Thursday of the month) at the The Pub on Water Street in Port Perry - the gathering begins around at 11:30am

The Pub on Water Street

posted Mar 11/17

Promotions / Retirements

Congrats go out to Bryan Staal (#775), Scott Weaver (#776)Kevin McLaughlin (#782) and Daryl Maclennan (#785) on their promotion to Captain with Toronto Fire.

All the best to Paul Campol (#472) who after some 40 years has decided to retire, we hope his time on LTD has allowed for retirement to be as awsome as we know it can be. Best wishes for health and happiness go out to Marco Mecozzi (#683) who has gone on LTD.

Last but not least congrats to Doug Jones and  Mark Ashcroft on their designation as Acting District Chiefs

posted Jan 11/17

TPFFA L3888 Active - Retired Members Policy

To often I have heard it said retirees have no formal way to keep informed of what is happening in the fire service. As soon as you retire the email notices stop and website access is curtailed.

The members of the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 3888 have passed a policy for Active-Retired Members. For an annual membership fee Retired Fire Fighters can attend 3888 Membership meetings (including electronic/teleconference meetings) with a VOICE but NO VOTE. You would have access to the 3888 website and receive email notices. As well you would receive the L3888 Fire Watch Magazine and the IAFF quarterly magazine. If needed - Advocacy for WSIB, Pension and Benefits. For all the benefits please click here to see the Policy.

The annual membership fee for the TPFFA / IAFF Active-Retired will be $125.00 from January 1st-December 31st   (this cost will be reviewed annually by the Finance Committee). Members joining throughout the year will have this cost  pro-rated. Applications are now being accepted, as soon as I receive the application form it will be posted so you can download/print it.

posted Jan 6/17


Congrats go out to Paul Atkinson (#751) and Mark Foley (#755) on their promotion to Captain with the Toronto Fire Services. Also after some 34 years of service Rob Forsyth (#583) has decided to kick back and relax. Best wishes go out to rob on his retirement effective Dec 30/16.

posted Dec 8/16

Merry Christmas

As Christmas Day 2016 quickly approaches I have decided to use alternatives to try and make this site more mobile friendly. To that extent the site should now work better on most mobile devices. However, when it comes to tablets it should works best with the tablet turned on its side to landscape view. On mobile phones it will be a scaled down version with just the important stuff being made available. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will be successful and am open to feed back!

In closing, on behalf of myself and the Retirees Club Exec. we wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best in 2017.


posted Dec 3/16

Christmas Breakout Reminder

Hello Everyone,

It's that time of year again, our BIG CHRISTMAS BREAKOUT LUNCH is on for Thursday December 8th. starting around 11:30a.m.
(and going to ???? hour) at the usual location the HARP & CROWN PUB in Pickering (Kinston Rd & Altona Rd).

All retired and active Scarborough Fire Fighters and friends are welcome to attend.

The cost is still a mere $10.00 for the lunch. There will be door prizes, Roy will have the Lions Christmas cakes available and
of course our Treasurer Gord MacBride will be collecting SPFF Retirees Club dues for 2017, (still only $10 since 1991).

I'll have the Scarb FF clothing available and taking orders for the Winter Jackets at a cost of $200 in advance.

Every year our ranks are diminishing a little, so let's make this biggest ever. Come out enjoy the old stories and 'BS' that came with the job.

Please let us know if you will be attending so we can let the Harp & Crown know a rough number for the lunch order.
RSVP  me by email at or phone 905 509-2953, or Roy Fletcher 416 261-0661.

It was great to see all our guys come out to Jeff Robinson's and Brian Watt's retirements (8th Nov & 1 Dec),
really enjoyable and a good turnout for both. We wish Jeff & Brian all the best for the years ahead.

See you Thursday.

John Vonk

posted Nov 15/16

Brian Watt Retirement Celebration

As was posted previously Brian (aka - Sweet Pea) has decided to call it a day after 33 years.  Mark your calendars - A retirement celebration will take place at the Harp & Crown Pub, 300 Kingston Road Pickering (@ Altona Road). It will happen on December 1st @ 2:00pm. Tickets are $10.00 at the door or from John Haywood (stn 231, old Hall #7) - you can contact John at 416-419-8055 (text) or email -

posted Oct 21/16

Jeff Robinson Retirement Celebration

Jeff has made the move to that next chapter in life. A Retirement Celebration is set for Thursday November 10th. 2pm. at the
Harp & Crown Pub, 300 Kingston Rd. Pickering.
Tickets $10.00 available @ Station 243 (old Hall 10) Platoon B or at the door.
Mark your calendars and come on out and wish Jeff well.

posted Oct 17/16

Old Scott Aerial #7

Old Scott Aerial #7 is for sale. With the Aerial ladder hanging way out over the rear and its exceptional speed made steering this one 'fun' at times. Now its sitting just waiting for a new home.
(Thanks to JJ's son Eddy Johnston for finding this)
Scott Aerial 7
What it looked like back in the day...
Scott Aerial 7 B

posted Oct 16/16


Best wishes go out to Brian Watt (#618) and Jeff Robinson (#545) as they move on to that next chapter called retirement which was effective Sept 30th. With retirements in many instances comes a promotion or two. Congrats to Joel Maxwell (761), David Whitehead #769), Eric Hoeft (758) and Russ King (#760) on their promotion to Captain with the TFS

posted Oct 1/16

The Fall Classic Summation

The morning of September 30th was dismal to say the least. But Mother Nature saw fit to change that and brought out the sunshine by the second hole making for a fantastic fall day for golf. The turnout was great, our most recent retiree Brian Watt was on hand, as well as a number of our still active brothers to enjoy the day. Its believed the best score was 13 under and there were times nerves were on edge as some jokester would yell 'FORE' just to see who would duck. All and all it was another good day of golf and comaraderie followed up with a nice chicken and rib dinner. If you missed this one keep an eye out for June.
Thanks goes out to Ray Green and John Barker for making the day possible.

posted Sept 25/16


The classes of 1990 continue to see promotion - Congrats goes out to Rob Hampson (#757), Rod Mckee (#762), Brad Oates (#765), and  Greg Whitlock (#770) on their promotion to Captain with the TFS.

posted Sept 23/16

September Reminder!

The summer weather is slow to let go, so hopefully it will be nice for the Fall Golf Classic - The Scarborough Fire Fighters Fall Golf Tournament is just 7 days away (Friday September 30th @ 11:00 a.m.) The price is $65.00 per person and includes Golf, Power Cart and Steak Dinner. Note: if you're not a golfer but would like to partake in some comaraderie, dinner can be had for just $25.00. The Location is Sunnybrae Golf Club - 1430 King Street, Port Perry | 905.985.2234 ( Sunnybrae Golf Club )

For more info and to book a foursome contact Ray Green @ 905.985.5031 or John Barker @ 905.853.7293 - Click on poster to view...

October -> the Port Perry lunch will be held for the last time of the season on Thursday October 6th. 11:30 at the Pub on Water Street. (weather permitting).

October is our Ladies lunch and this fall will be held in Pickering at the MANDARIN RESTAURANT on Kingston Rd just east of Brock Rd. for Thursday October 13th. starting again at 11:30.(all are welcome)

Our Guest speaker will be our own  Paul Atkinson to inform us of WSIB claims and how to proceed with them even after retirement.
The cost of this lunch will be $30.00 per couple for SPFF RETIREE CLUB dues paid members and $40.00 for non-members.
(I will be away on vacation for the ladies lunch so) Contact Roy Fletcher at 416 261-0662 or Gord MacBride at 905 294-7173
for reservations.

posted Sept 23/16

Ontario Fallen Fire fighters Memorial

FYI - Bill Crawfords name will be added this year. For those interested in attending the memorial please see below for details. (from TPFFA Loc 3888)

The 2016 Ontario Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial will be held on the grounds of Queen's Park on Sunday October 2nd, 2016 at 1:00pm.

The Monument was erected in memory of all fire fighters who have died in the Line of Duty while protecting the citizens and property of Ontario. This year, among the many that will be honored, there will be twenty of our own members.

They are:

Captain Thomas Timmins, District Chief John Anketell, Captain Charles Exton, Captain Charles Mearns, Captain Lawrence Berenz, Captain George Powell, District Chief Peter Chambers, District Chief John Roach, Captain Terry Haworth, Firefighter Bruce Statton, Firefighter William Crawford, Captain Terry Thompson, District Chief Donald Cooper, Captain Falk Gruenwald, Firefighter Michael Kane, Captain Walter Churchmack, Captain Karl Lewis, Captain John O'Grady, Firefighter Bob Kennedy and Firefighter John Dowdell.

This ceremony will be a fitting tribute to these fire fighters and a lasting memory for their families.

We are encouraging all of our members to attend this ceremony.
Form-up for all fire fighters is at Queens Park Circle and Grosvenor Street at 12:00pm. Full dress uniforms with white shirt and white gloves to be worn.
There will be a reception afterward at our Union office at 39 Commissioners Street. All attending are invited to attend.


Michael D. Ogle
Chair, Ceremonial & Bereavement Committee
Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association
I.A.F.F. Local 3888

posted Aug 19/16 

Dan Stacheruk (Sen #579)

This one almost slipped by... he started the SFD in Sept 1981 and retired from the TFS on May 31st. 2016. After some 35 years Dan is hanging up the helmet. Congrats and best wishes to Danny in his retirement.

posted Aug 8/16 

Short Changing Pensioners??

Remember Nortel, are you aware of the impact Nortel's demise had on Nortel pensioners. Did you know Canadian laws allow companies to 'short change' its pensioners. "Canada's current laws allow restructuring companies to easily extinguish their contractual obligations to pensioners, while their assets go to every other creditor first. It looks like this has become a conscious business strategy to save money among some manufacturers, sometimes planned years in advance."
The following link will take you to the report which outlines what may very well happen to GM Canada 50,000 pensioners. Please take the time to read and then contact your MP and demand change...

Please follow this link  Is GM Oshawa next?

posted Aug 4/16

August 4th Lunch

The temps were high but it was quite comfortable under the umbrellas on the patio at 'The Pub' on Water Street in Port Perry. Once again the numbers were numerous and it was nice to see the likes of Murray Butson, Bill Voegtle, Hal Lapp, Tom Kristensen, Gord Dickie and Gord Allen to name a few. Even Mr. Carey blessed us with his presence. The conversations flowed, the food was good and it was an enjoyable time. A surprise to many was Tom Kristensen announcing he was selling his Pontiac Grand Prix, his pride and joy for some 20 plus years. It just wont be the same car without Tom behind the wheel. If you missed this one the next one is set for September 1st. Also the Scarborough Fire Fighters Golf Fall Classic is scheduled for September 30th at Sunnybrae in Port Perry hosted by Ray Green & John Barker. For more info see the posting on the home page. Just a reminder you don't have to be retired to attend, so mark your calendars - we hope to see you there. 

posted July 17/16

Jessica Phoenix - Olympics Bound...

Jessica Phoenix is the granddaughter of Cliff Ferguson (Sen#116) and has been selected to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Jessie will be competing in the Equestrian Eventing with her ride 'A Little Romance' (aka Blue Eyes). Equestrian Eventing consists of 3 events - Dressage, Cross Country and Stadium Jumping. The cost for horse and rider to travel to the Olympics are huge. A GoFundMe page has been started to help Jessie and A Little Romance get to Rio. Every contribution helps. If you can help Jess get to Rio please visit here

posted July 13/16

Don Lines Retired

He started with the SFD in October of 1983 and as with most as of June 30th he has decided to slide into retirement. Ken spent some 33 years with the SFD and Toronto Fire Services (TFS) combined, he finished his career in west command. Pictured below with his Brother Ken (L).