SFD Crest  HEALTH CARE SPENDING ACCOUNT (Toronto Fire - Post 65 benefit)

posted July 7, 2017

  The Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) is better known to most as 'post 65 benefits'. The HSCA was acquired through 3888 contract negotiation and many of us that were/are 3888 members are eligible for this benefit. Unfortunately, it seems when we get close to reaching that number 65 there seems to be a mysterious shroud if you will surrounding how to switch from our pre-65 benefits to the HSCA (post 65 benefits).

 So to update just a little since this was initially posted. Some may already know but for those who don't, the City Of Toronto will send out a package of information about a month before you turn 65 (could even be earlier). You won't actually receive cash in hand, you must submit receipts and be reimbursed (Green Shield). Green Shield wont talk to you until your registered for the benefit. Supposedly,  we are pre-registered and it will ACITVATE upon submitting your first claim - something to double check??. If you don't find a provider such as MROO/Encon then you will submit your expenses and be reimbursed each time up to the HSCA limit of $3000.00. At this time if your looking for a provider, you would pay the cost and submitt the receipt to Green Shield. Note, you must do your homework as each provider may offer something different. To date, many say the plan from MROO is about the best?? (do your homework).

 If you have have any questions or concerns you can contact the City of Toronto at 416-392-3903. You can also go to the Local 3888 Webpage and use the (green) BENEFITS CONCERNS button located about half way down on the right side (at least it was when I looked). By using this method I have been told that your query goes to the city and two 3888 executive officers. You do not need to be able to login to access this form and it may well be quicker and easier than calling!

 Recently I was asked (and accepted) to sit on a 3888 Retirees Committee. The committee is looking at a number of items to help informing retirees and possibly bring all retirees together. As things progress I will do my best to keep everyone informed. Like most things the process is slow so we'll see how it goes.... stay tuned!


Chuck West

Here's a link to the MROO Insurance - remember, do your home work!

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